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Pie factories • Canning plants • Ready Meal / Frozen Foods • Sweets • Chocolate Factories

Beverage Colddrink Factories


•  Unique Stock Control
•  (Serial Number generation)

•  Product Scanning (from receipt to dispatch)

•  Waste Control / Management

•  Processing Yield Management

•  Packaging and Labeling

•  Recipes

•  Ingredient Measurement control

•  Quality Control on the floor

•  Production Batches

•  MRP - calculations

•  True Cost Calculations

•  Point of Sale TILL Systems

•  Stock Control per item

•  Scanning and Labeling of Shop items

•  Stock Ageing

•  Multiple Stock Locations

•  Stock Integrity


Meat Matrix is the market-leading supplier of factory floor software to

value-adding processors in 10 countries. Active in over 220 Processing

plants around the world, Meat Matrix is designed to cater for both single plant and multi-plant operations. 


Meat Matrix processing software offers a complete solution for all sectors of processing, food manufacturing and retail industries. We offer full ingredient traceability, recipe formulation, batch traceability and processing yields.

At Meat Matrix, we create solutions that not only benefits your business, but also delivers more accurate sales and production planning information. Meat Matrix integrates recipe formulation with the production process giving operators on the floor access to recipe information at the press of a button. Auto calculation of recipe ingredient quantities takes the guesswork out of production and puts control in the hands of management.

In a nutshell, your business has the ability to easily determine the most profitable outcome for the stock that you have available. This results in a

higher return on investment, higher productivity, reduction in overall waste

and an increase in overall revenue. 



•  Purchase order processing

•  Supplier intake

•  Production planning and forecasting

•  Into-production processing

•  Bulk and retail packing or labelling

•  OCM/Box Packing
   -   Weigh labelling

•  Cookhouse management

•  Blast/tempering chill stock management

•  Forwards and backwards traceability reporting

•  Finished product stock control

•  Container loading and shipments

•  Daily production reporting

•  Warehousing and stock management

•  Sales order picking and dispatch

•  Third-party cold store integration

•  Carton and pallet labelling stations

•  Manual operator or fully automatic stations

•  Productions order tracking

•  Verification scanning

•  Work in progress (WIP) tracking stations

•  Product specification on floor lookup station


The Meat Matrix Mobile application is setting standards for mobility in inventory and asset management in the most demanding environments

from the warehouse floor to the dock door. The Meat Matrix Mobile application, available on any Android device, was developed to

showcase our commitment to helping our clIents upgrade to the

newest technology as cost effective and seamless as possible.  


Inventory/display compliance  •

Omni-channel fulfillment  •

 Inventory management and cycle count  •

Receiving, put-away, reverse logistics  •

Picking, staging, packing, shipping  •

Process compliance  •

Inventory and materials management and cycle counts  •

Cross-docking  •

•  Reduce risk of recalls

•  Trace products across the value chain 

•  Incorporate quality assurance registrations

•  Provide information to fulfil quality certification requirements


The mobile computing technology you need to take productivity and accuracy to the next level


Meat Matrix knows that processors are

under constant pressure to achieve ever-

faster delivery times and that fast and

accurate order fulfilment is a critical

part of the logistics process

Meat Matrix manages and speeds up the order cycle. This includes purchase orders, production orders, inventory orders and sales orders. Moreover, Meat Matrix enables processors to eliminate under- and overproduction.

The Meat Matrix despatch module ensures complete support for ordering, invoicing, warehousing  and logistics trip planning. Packaging and palletising of orders simplyfies the delivery process.

•    Optimises order management from reception to dispatch

•    Plans production capacity and lead time based on raw materials

•    Is flexible in responding to changing customer requirements




With the Meat Matrix dock scheduling software, you have the tools to refine your day-to-day schedule, allowing you to save time and money by decreasing late shipments and detention fees.

This solution offers online appointment scheduling for carriers and monitors

their status in real time. It also has the ability for inbound coordinators to

prioritise shipments, refuse carrier requests, or configure prioritisation rules

and constraints to automate the scheduling process. 

The automated truck/order allocation function in Meat Matrix takes into consideration the trailer type, dock type, special equipment, and product handling unit types. Furthermore, it offers load levelling of the flow of goods

to dock resources, appointment audit trails and reporting as well

as milestone notification. 

Production planners need to meet crucial delivery times whilst ensuring accuracy and efficiency throughout the entire production cycle. With Meat Matrix, planners can ensure that raw materials are consumed as effectively as possible in accordance with current order status and current

production capabilities. 


•  Gain total control over current orders in production

•  Assign order lines to processes, manually or automatically

•  Generate production orders for multi-step processes

•  Provides a more accurate estimate of raw material required to fill orders

•  Provides a more accurate estimate of the production capacity available

   at any given time


Meat Matrix enables organisations around the world to improve safety, security, efficiency and compliance by creating and automating the

printing and control of labels, barcodes, RFID tags and more. 

Companies now have the opportunity to produce a wide variety of flexible label designs without the need to create and maintain hundreds of separate

documents. Simply send templates, layers and even objects to print based

on a single data source, database field or on multiple conditions. 

The Meat Matric Labelling Solution includes password-protect layers to prevent unauthorised edits and the possibility to share global data fields

such as incrementing serial numbers among all documents.


Meat Matrix enables large enterprises to centrally operate, monitor, manage and secure their printing operations across multiple sites and even continents.

Meat Matrix supports permission-based printing, format encryption, job logging and system auditing.


Contact Management Tools  •

Sales Inventory Inquiry  •

Remote Order Entry  •

Customer and Volume Pricing  •

Point of Sale (POS)  •

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)  •

Batch Product Transfers  •

Purchase Order Miscellaneous Charges (POMC)  •

Inventory Control  •

Warehouse and Freezer control  •

Traceability  •

Country of Origin Labelling (COOL)  •

Import Tracking  •

By-Product Costing, Tracking and Production  •

Bar Code Printing, Scanning and Inventory Control  •

Physical Inventory Verification  •

•  Production Processing

•  Portion Control

•  Catch Weight Processing

•  Lot / Yield Management

•  Production Packing Stations

•  Enhanced Production Quality Control

•  Barcoding for Accurate Quality Checks and Cost Tracking

•  Materials Requirements Planning (MRP)

•  Batch Recipe Management

•  Purchase Order Processing

•  Costing and Pricing

•  Scale Interface

•  Touch Screen PC Support

•  Dispatch / Delivery

•  Truck Route / Manifest

•  Business Intelligence (BI)

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